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Block-a-Palooza, Blocks #9 and 10

Block-a-Palooza Block #9

(I meant to post this before the February small projects post, but oops!)
Block #9

Here is Scott's block: Lemonade Stand.  He blogs over at Blue Nickel Studios.

I really liked this block and at first, I wasn't really sure if I would. I wanted to add in more of the deeper pink fabric from the first block. It sort of is a color cousin to John's Block #1, with the darker pink in the corner and the blue/green hop dot.

This is a detail of the center 9-patch.  The geese were 1.5" x 2.5" unfinished! The tutorial called for piecing three triangles, but I did the basic square-on-rectangle method, because I knew they'd have a better chance at coming out pretty close to the way they were supposed to.

Block #9 center detail

The colors in the photo above are wrong, but there seems to be something happening between Photoshop and Flickr and I can't be bothered to make them agree.

Block #10
Block #10

Amy from Amy's Creative Side contributed Turned Geese to Block-a-Palooza. I love this design!  It's very modern, there are 16 geese in this block!  Amy uses the no-waste method in her tutorial, as Kay did.  I really like it, though, I still may do the best with the waste method...  Gotta practice more. I wanted to make a blue block. But I didn't want to use the strong stripes in this, since I couldn't work out whether my stripes would end up going the right way with the no waste method. and because the stripes tend to take over any block I use them in. I have another one that is lovely, but I think this design was better for smaller prints.
Random comments about the Bloggers Block-a-Palooza experience:

I love it! I'm having a great time following along. I'm excited to see the new block every Monday or Thursday. I have enjoyed each one for different reasons. I have also definitely looked at blocks and said, "That is incredible and I don't think I can do that!" But taking it one block at time, each component at a time, lo and behold I have kept up. 

Block #9 above was one that I looked at and said, "hmmm... I'm not sure if I'm into this one." But then after I made it - I really liked it. I love the tiny, delicate geese in the middle. It's one of my husband's favorites. His other favorite is Block #10, which I also like. Even though it is made up of the same components as all the other blocks, it manages to look really different. I'm not sure I want to go so far as to say this (but I guess I will), but it seems like the most modern-looking of the bunch.

I really love Kaye's Block #5 and Monica's Block #6. I found them quite challenging. I remember seeing them and thinking - "oh, my version is going to be terrible." And true, my construction of Monica's is not stellar, but when I look at them, I am so happy because I think they are such great designs and I'm happy with the choices I made for them and the fact that I actually put them together. (Run-on sentence much?!) I'm even thinking of doing a riff on Kaye's block as a whole quilt!

I think that Cherri's Block # 4 and Angela's Block #8 are the most traditional looking. That being said, I love the simplicity of Cherri's pinwheel. And I think the basket applique makes Angela's block unique.

(Isn't this typical Type B behavior that I didn't start from Block #1 and go in order from there?)

I think John's Block #1 was THE perfect starting point. I wish that I had made my diagonal a little more pronounced. I know from the Flickr pool that these geese were firsts for a lot of us and I love that it set the tone for the whole quilt-along - 9-patches and/or geese. I think Amanda's Block #3 was another great one and really complemented John's.

The last two are Elizabeth's Block #2 and Heather's Block #7 - the square blocks. Heather's block is one that I might re-do (but probably not because I'm too lazy) - due to my choices, NOT her design. With the simpler blocks, I think I needed to take more care with the fabric selection because I couldn't rely on a complex design to carry the block. I also did not add enough contrast to the diagonal in Elizabeth's block. And even though I think it's going to stick out as a Packers' block (green and gold - I'm actually a Minnesota, so I can't really cheer for the Packers) in the final quilt, I thought it was a  great block to construct, from an experience point of view.

My only other note is that this has been a great exercise in choosing fabrics. I am choosing within a set cohort of fabrics - the Nicey Jane collection, Grunge fabrics in Poplin and Duchess, and Kona Snow and Corn Yellow. But I try to be deliberate in the fabrics I choose for each component. I think this quilt-along lends itself to smaller scale fabrics. I do have several FQs that have larger 5"-7" motifs and they don't really fit in this concept. Some are getting chopped up smaller and some are just getting passed over.

I am really, really enjoying this and learning a ton. I am really enjoying seeing everyone else's blocks. Check them out at the Block-a-Palooza Flickr Group. And I really, really like to say really.


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