Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Block-a-Palooza, Block #8

Block #8 auditions
Audition fabrics - scraps from other blocks

Angela brings us Block #8 - Basket of Geese, introducing applique. I really don't have much experience with applique. I've tried it, I usually make really large holes in my fabric. And I really like the blanket stitch, but turning the corner can be tricky. But I decided to just go for it.

Block #8

I did end up eating some corners. But I think it turned out OK. As usual, I did the left-handed thing and made my sashing fabric go counter-clockwise instead of clockwise. Oh well. I also used Venus de Hilo's  block as inspiration and used the small triangles as feet for the basket. Jerahmie said that it made it look more like a basket. A lot of folks were having trouble getting their small triangles all in the handle, so I just used 6.

And here we are at the mid-point.

Block-a-Palooza #1-8

Block 1 is pretty high contrast and block 2, well... But I have 8 more chances to incorporate the dark pink/red and the deeper green and gold. But I do like the little peaks of blue. Can't wait to see where this all goes!

Here's the Cherry House Quilts Quilt Along quilt (how many times can I say "quilt" in one sentence?!).
CHQ Quilt Along

I'm working on enlarging it a little bit. But it was a fun, fast quilt-along. All the steps can be found at Cherri's blog - Cherry House Quilts, so go ahead and make one for yourself (great for beginners!).

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