Thursday, February 10, 2011

Block-a-Palooza, Block #4

Block #4 Gingham Pinwheels

Here's Cherri's block - Gingham Pinwheels. Really fun block and it came together pretty fast. I tried to reintroduce some of the gold that is so prominent in block 2. There are 16 blocks total, so there will be other chances as well. I have the whole Nicey Jane line to work with, in all the different color ways and I am probably going to use most of them in one way or another. 

I probably should have thought a little more at the outset of having something tie the fabrics together beyond the fact that they are clearly one line and therefore, meant to work together. But that is why I'm really liking this quilt-along because it is really making me think about fabric selection. When I started quilting, I picked out my fabrics per project, but now I have a sizable stash to work with and I want to think within those parameters.

I cannot win in the photography department. I'm not sure if there are any colors in that picture that are actually representative of the color of the fabric! Ah well. Better luck next time! I still have Kaye's and Monica's blocks to work on. I am so behind!

Next block fabric auditions

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AlessandraLace said...

lovely block. I like it. hugs