Monday, February 14, 2011

Block-a-Palooza, Block #5

Block-a-palooza block 5 auditions

Fabric audition for Block #5 from Kaye at Miss Print, the wonderfully-named Geesey McNinePatch. This block used the no-waste method for making geese. Of course, before this quilt-along, I was completely new to making flying geese, so I was happy to learn a new technique. Not sure which I ultimately like better, yet. Have to make some more!

Here's my finished block!

Block #5 - Geesey McNinePatch

I did a bit of seam ripping on this one and here's why:

Block #5 detail

I looked and looked at the center nine patch and just didn't like how I'd set up my stripes. In deconstructing the block, I had to take almost all of it apart because of the way my seams landed. In retrospect, it would have been nominally easier to change the left and right stripe to go veridically instead of the top and bottom to horizontally, but I didn't. Oops.

Block #5 detail finished

Here's the finished block. I just like that better and I knew it would irk me if I left it. Weird the things we get fixated on... Beautiful block by Kaye - very versatile.

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day :)

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