Friday, February 4, 2011

Fabric Foto Friday or Why I Love Ikea

IKEA Fabler Fabric

I love going to Ikea. We went this weekend with a billion other people. But I didn't mind testing out sofas with other folks or weaving around little ones who were darting away from their parents or standing in the long line at check out. Anyhoo, in addition to a huge chocolate bar and some cookies I like, I found this fabric in the textiles department.

IKEA Fabler Fabric

Aside from just being plain cute, it has a very soft feel to it. I haven't washed it yet, so I can't vouch for that. But I really like it. It is white, but it isn't completely see-through. With a white batting, it should be great! The piece is 100% cotton, 47"x118". The package says to expect 4% shrinkage.

IKEA Fabler Fabric detail 1IKEA Fabler Fabric detail 2IKEA Fabler Fabric detail 3IKEA Fabler Fabric detail 4

Here are some scenes from this print. I love the duck's shorts and the frog's hat! There are actually five prints in this line. I found this one in the textiles section. I asked the woman working there if it was also $7.99 - the same as the other fabric bundles on the shelf where I found it. She said, some are $8.99 and if I wanted more of this print, it was actually in the Children's section.

IKEA Fabler Fabric

I decided that I really wouldn't fight my way back to the zoo (aka Children's section) and I'd be happy with my little find. After I checked out, I looked at my receipt and lo and behold - it was $5.99!

Here's the official picture from Ikea. Not great, obviously. I would say that the little characters are 4"-6" wide/tall. So you can see on the prints below, the ratio isn't true-to-life. I think I'll be toodling back to Ikea to grab some more of this! Just screams fussy cut, doesn't it?
Ikea Fabler line


Lee said...

I wish I was closer to an Ikea! People seem to find such great fabric there for fantastic prices.

Shanley said...

That's adorable!