About Me

Howdy and hello there!  Welcome to The Type B Crafter.  I'm Taya (pronounced like the Outkast song "Hey ya!" not like Maya [as in Angelou]), the eponymous crafter.  I'm currently a bureaucrat for the great state of Minnesota with a background in law. In my spare time I like to quilt, craft, cook, bake, and wrangle miniature pinschers and goldendoodles (or one of each). In 2013, my husband and I added a daughter to the lively mix! We currently live in Madison, WI.

I started blogging in 2008 to stay in touch with family and friends, but my personal blog quickly morphed into a chronicle of sewing projects and pictures of fabric, with a few random recipes thrown in. So, I decided to move my projects to their own corner of the World Wide Web (does anyone even say that anymore?!) and here we are! This blog is mostly a way for me to chart my progress (or lack there of) and to connect with other quilters and crafters.

Why Type B*?  Well, no matter how hard I try (and truthfully, I don't try that hard - I'm Type B, after all), I'll never be Martha Stewart and I think it's a matter of personality. Don't get me wrong, I think Martha works really hard to be "Martha Stewart" but there's also just an innate sense of precision and perfectionism that I lack. Me, I'm all about going with the flow, rolling with the punches, and wingin' it, all of which requires a little fudging here and there. And Martha would never fudge! My seams aren't always an exact quarter inch, my points don't always match up and sometimes my stippling crosses paths, but in the end none of those things change whether a quilt brings warmth or joy to someone.  I create because I feel compelled to and not to impress others.  I try to do my best and be happy with each finish!

Thanks for stopping by!

*Type B refers to a now-defunct theory on how certain personality types influenced whether individuals were likely to develop heart diseases. In current popular culture, the terms Type A and Type B are still used to describe personalities. The modern oracle, Wikipedia, tells us that Type A individuals were described as "ambitious, aggressive, highly competitive, time-conscious, and tightly-wound."  Whereas, Type B folks are, "generally patient, relaxed, easy-going, and at times lacking an overriding sense of urgency."  This sometimes translates into people calling Type Bs "lazy" but I prefer "laid-back." :)