Friday, August 31, 2012

Zero Motivation

*crickets* *crickets*

Hello, is this thing on? Oh yes, I see, it is still working. Phew!

Long time, no blog, eh? Well, there has been next to nothing to blog about, I'm afraid. I haven't sewn a thing! Well, I was able to finish up a meagre gift for my friend who recently had a baby. Where is it?  Still sitting in its box on my cutting table, even though the baby is almost 3 weeks old... Not the quilt I already have sketched out and designed and hoped to deliver pre-baby. No, just a simple receiving blanket and some burp clothes. But even that took a lot out of me :)

I've lost my manic scrolling through sewing/crafting blogs, trolling for fabric bargains, and near-constant checking Flickr for quilts to adore and fabric to swap. I have a couple September bee commitments and I have no idea how I am going to meet them. I have even considered a major destash of my most of my quilting fabric! Maybe even some Tula (*gasp*).

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I have lost my sewing mojo. What has overtaken me and caused me to turn away from a long-cherished creative outlet?!

Major morning sickness. The really yucky kind that doesn't end after the first trimester. It just keeps going and going and going like that blasted Energizer bunny. (All those nefarious pregnancy books and websites that "welcome" you to your second trimester and congratulate you on reaching the "honeymoon period"where you are feeling "more energized" and "better than ever": lies. All lies.)

At the same time the nausea, giddy worrying, and tentative excitement took over my life, my sewing passion (and accompanying fabric consumption) seems to have taken its leave. I don't know if/when/how I will be able to find my inspiration again. I literally have projects cut out or very near completion sitting around my sewing area. But alas, my machine is just gathering dust.  I should probably put the cover on it :) I guess time will tell.

I think I probably will do a little destash here on the blog because we live in a one bedroom condo at the moment and we will need a little more room for all the stuff that seems to come along with a baby. So, maybe over the holiday weekend I can will get that together. We'll call it Destash for Diapers! I don't have a lot of special, out of print or hard to finds, but I have some nice stuff that might round out someone's stash.

I appreciate everyone who has been kind enough to follow along with my little sewing journal here. I hope that I will have something to share in the future. But it might be a bit quiet around here until I succeed in recapturing my quilting mania. Thanks for reading!