Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I'm Down with OPP!

Toy made by my aunt

OPP - that's Other People's Projects :) I haven't been able to do much - no surprise, I'm sure. At about three and half weeks, I sewed three seams together to finish up my second Boppy cover and I had rip one out and re-do it. I also managed to get in a little fabric shopping and snagged some much sought-after Comma and I've been dreaming and scheming about what to do with it, but that's about the extent of my creative endeavors. I guess that's how it will be for a while, anyway.

The baby received a couple of amazing handmade gifts that I'd like to share. First, my aunt out in the DC area made this amazing toy/ball:

Toy made by my aunt

I've seen tutorials and patterns like this, but I have not been brave enough to try it out. My aunt is a very experienced quilter and she made two of these - one for my daughter and one for my new nephew - and even she said, "next time, I'm making a quilt!" So, I know they are pretty challenging.

The baby really loves it. She's starting to track things with her eyes and of course she really responds to things with high contrast. I'm sure she's going to love it even more, as she gets older. Maybe I can find a way to hang it over her bed or changing table...

Next, my cousin made this incredible elephant quilt:

Quilt from my cousin

The picture of the whole quilt doesn't show the ears very well, but the are 3-dimensional - they come out of the quilt blocks, like flaps.

Quilt from my cousin-detail Quilt from my cousin-detail

It's adorable! I'm thinking about sewing a sleeve on it to hang it up. That will look much better than the painters tape!

Oh, I also received my FQs from the Text Me Swap:

Text Me Swap fabrics

Very excited to play around with these someday soon (maybe!).