Monday, January 12, 2015

Baby Quilts in Progress

Racing to get the stockings done before Santa arrives!

Here's a tiny update from the peanut gallery!

I did manage a tiny bit of Christmas sewing and got stockings finished for my husband, daughter and myself just before the actual holiday. Thankfully my daughter is too young to know that something is supposed to be inside of them on Christmas morning!

In retrospect, maybe I should have made my daughter's red but the letters are fused and appliqued (though not really well - I need a lot of practice turning those corners!).

I am the proud aunt of what seems like a million nieces and nephews! And in Feb-April of this year, I'll be adding three more lovelies to the set. So, I thought I had better start getting some baby quilts together.

I have four options for baby quilt pattern.

Baby quilt WIP. Boat pattern from @teaginnydesigns Chevron baby quilt

Baby Quilt #2 in progress

The fourth is yet to be determined but maybe a tumbler quilt or maybe two really large shoeman's puzzle blocks (a la Denyse Schmidt). We'll see!

I once again tried my hand at paper-piecing and once again proved that I am the world's worst paper-piecer! The LOVe blocks above are about 16x22 altogether and are from a tutorial on SewMamaSew. They would have been very easy to improv, but I'm trying to get better at PPing. Alas, even these simple blocks brought me aggravation.

The paper boat looks pretty good, except there was one piece that I sewed three times, maybe four? And I just could not get one tiny little corner to work out, so I fudged it. I'm super good at that. It's something about sewing the pieces on the proper angle, right-sides together and then flipping it over and having the proper coverage. I honestly do not have good spatial relation/manipulation skills. Oh well.

I have a couple divided baskets and poolside totes on the to-do, so hopefully I'll have a little time this week to sew something!