Monday, July 16, 2012

Ba{M}S July Blocks and a Swap

Ba{M}S July Block #1 (Honeycomb 4)

Just a quick post to show off my July Bee a {Modern} Swapper July blocks for Carolyn/Demanding Cat.

She asked for two x/cross blocks like the ones in Amy/Badskirt's tutorial here. Carolyn increased the block size to 13" for her blocks. She asked for text prints if we had them and then colors similar to howAmy puts colors together. Hopefully, I got that right.

Ba{M}S July Block #2 (Honeycomb 4) 

I also made another awesome swap with Monica. I was able to re-home my Nicey Jane left overs and she sent me some beauties! I'm so happy to get the Kona Charcoal, because I need it to work on my granny squares (so far, I only have the Snow blocks done...). I love those giant dots! When Half Mood Modern came out, I didn't realize that the dots were so big and I didn't think to get any. And Monica read about me lamenting my lack of reds and she kindly shared some of hers with me. That map print is the bomb! And Tula lace - what can you say about that?! I'll add it to my collection (*insert evil laugh*)!

Awesome Swap with buttoncounter

I will be welcoming three new babies to my friend and family circle this fall - Sept, Oct, and Nov. So, it might be all baby, all the time around here for a while. Since that's most of the sewing I'll be doing, I won't try to keep things a surprise - otherwise I'll have nothing to post :) They'll all get quilts eventually (probably post-natal) but before, I'd like to get them cotton knit receiving blankets (not "knit" with needles, "knit" as in t-shirt material), burp cloths and hopefully, diaper/wipe keepers. It's also my mom's 60th birthday in October and I've started a rather ambitious (for me) project for her. But I have an almost done top that could step in, in case I don't quite make the deadline :) I'd also like to make a bean bag toss for my to-be-3 nephew's birthday, but I don't know if I will make it. I might have to get *gasp* something store bought. Say it ain't so...

Onwards and upwards!