Monday, May 2, 2011

Finally a Finish

Jour de pluie à Paris - Gustave Caillebotte
I hate the feeling of having orphan blocks and projects just hanging out in plastic bins. But I have a lot of them.

But, I am glad to say that I cleared two projects out of my bins! (I still have pieces of a 241 Tote languishing on my cutting table...)

The photo above is Gustave Caillebotte's Jour de Pluie a Paris - "Rainy Day in Paris." Jera made this quilt and called it Rainy Days. I made mine a little larger, out of Parisville and therefore, it's my version of Jour de Pluie a Paris!

Jour de Pluie Quilt
I have a bent corner up there on the left...
I decided to go mostly random on this and keep it as no-fuss as possible. The only truly directional fabric is the the Sea of Tears print - the teardrop print with the ships in it.  It was a toss up with the fans. I decided to make them look more like scales, instead (I do love Tula's Neptune!). I suppose strictly speaking the eye fabric should probably be vertical, but again I figured there was leeway. I think I washed out my photo a little bit - the colors are more vibrant.

Jour de Pluie Quilt part deux

As I've said before, I think this is a really quick pattern (provided you don't cut out the pieces and then let them sit around for weeks, then put the blocks together and then let the sit around a little more - let's call it "simmering" them, and then putting the quilt together) and it's great for larger-sized prints.  Thanks, Jera!
Foot rest
I finally also finished the floor cushion/foot rest. About time, right? I only cut out the pieces back in February!


I put a zipper in it, but this time I went vertically and I think it worked out better. I think the best filling would be bean bag beans. But I didn't want to put any more money into it, so instead, I filled it with some old sweaters and a set of sheets that I hate and then some fiber fill. It's still not as sturdy as I'd like, but it's a bit more substantial.

Seems to be serviceable, anyway!

Foot rest

I finished this Cabrio Tote I cut out way back on April 19th. And this one is all mine!

Cabrio Tote 2

My sister was the recipient of the poppy bag. Actually, I brought the bags home with me at Easter to see if I had any takers. Surprisingly, both my sister and my sister-in-law liked the poppy bag. (It was my first go at the Cabrio bag, so it was kind of a muslin.) And no one wanted the Parisville bag! But it just goes to show ya - we can't always anticipate what will be popular!

Cabrio Tote 2
Here's the ever-helpful mirror shot :)
I didn't mess with the straps that I thought I would, but next time... next time.

I took advantage of the sunny weather the last several days and took a few somewhat (it's always relative) better photos of older finishes. It's better than on the pool table, I think.

Dream On Charming Stars
Charming Stars
Origins Avignon Picnic
Avignon Picnic

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