Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Status Report

More Moby Nose

I was debating whether to write yet another post title with the word "quiet" in it, as I seem to have given two posts that moniker recently. But I haven't been doing much sewing lately and therefore, there's not much to blog about and there's no reason to post just for the sake of posting, so "quiet" is still relevant this week. Just keepin' it real. Also, I didn't have a good photo to start us off, so here's one of Moby's nose. Keepin' it even real-er.

Lots of existential quilty discussions going on around blog-land. They've certainly opened up a broader discussion about quilting and I've enjoyed the posts and the comments for the most part. They've made me think, too.  I'm not going to link to the posts or give a long spiel other than to say that this blog is a record of my sewing projects. Nothing more, nothing less. I don't plan on trying to amass lots of followers (I am tickled beyond belief that there are any at all - and that none of them are related to me!) or to monetize my blog and I likely won't post tutorials. This blog just a place for me to put pictures and describe processes of stuff that I might forget as time goes by because, let's face it - none of us is getting any younger :) So, I thought I'd put that out there straight away.

So, without further ado - the few things I have gotten around to sewing:

A little late but still under the wire. I got my April TwitterB blocks out in the mail. Jessica picked a ticker tape style block for her block. She sent parts of jelly roll strips and a larger piece of fabric from Fig Tree and Co's Whimsy line.

April TwitterB

These were a little challenging to put together without interfacing or webbing - a consistent 1/8" seam was elusive. The circles were particularly putzy. Here's the bonus second block and a really blurry photo!

April TwitterB

Laura sent her fat quarter for May and I'm trying to get back on track. Got a quick question for her, then it's off to the races/sewing machine.

May TwitterB fabrics

I signed up to do a little fabric matching for the FQS Bella Parade, which means that Shruti assigned me a Bella Solids color: Peach - 78.

I have to head on over to the Fat Quarter Shop and find 3 coordinating solids and 3 coordinating prints. Each Bella solid will be featured in a post and I guess Peach is one of the earlier colors, so I have to get my picks into her by Saturday. Peach is definitely not really my signature color, but I'm gonna rise to the challenge and do my best.

I also picked up my yard of fabric for the Gen X Japanese Imports Swap.

elephant scatter

I picked mine up at SuperBuzzy. The key was to remember that these are going to be cut up into 5" squares, so we had to keep the motifs relatively small. You can see other adorable picks in the Flickr Group.


Lee said...

Awww, cute puppy! Looks a lot like my dog - is he a poodle with a really shaggy haircut? (Because that's what mine is.) : )

colimachia said...

I feel the same way about my blog - I'm just happy anyone besides my Mom reads it! lol! Your quilts are really nice.