Tuesday, March 8, 2011

To Bee or Not to Bee

TwitterB March

Ha! That's a silly blog post title, since I'm already bee-ing, baby! Yes, I have joined my first quilt bee - the TwitterB, which is being administered (is that the word?) by Jenni of All Things Fabulous fame. I'm excited and a little nervous, given the blocks I've seen people make on Flickr Quilting Bee Blocks group. But, I'm going to give it my best go and hopefully learn some new stuff and meet some new people.

We have each been assigned our month (I'm September - woot, woot!) and we're starting with Jenni. Before our assigned month, we send a fat quarter to each of the member, along with a questionnaire describing our preferences and the block we would like. We use the fat quarter and scraps from our own stash to build the block. Then we send the block back to the person whose month it is and we keep the remainder of the FQ!

Jenni has sent this beautiful jewel-toned fabric. Turquoise, blue, and purple is one of my favorite color combinations.

TwitterB March
Actually looking at this picture, I think I amped up the blues a little too much on this photo, but it's close. 
She has decided to go for the Hedgerow block, so-named and demonstrated by Elizabeth at Oh Fransson. I think traditionalists would probably refer to this as a log cabin block, but let's not quibble about names. I think I'm going to do the non-scrappy version, since I don't have my full stash here.

Jenni said that she likes the aquas and turquoises a little more than the purples and prefers solids, graphic prints, and polkadots. And so - I am off!

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