Friday, March 11, 2011

Block-a-Palooza, Blocks # 13 and 14

Block #13 - option A

Tia brings us Block 13 over at Camp Follower Bags and Quilts. I ended up making two. The pink/gold one was the first. I kept thinking that I needed a hint of gold and I like this one, but I don't love the big white rectangles... I made the center 9-patch out of 1.5" squares and the added a 1.5" border and trimmed to 4.5". I should have just done the math, but I didn't :)

Here's the blue version:

Block #13 - option B

The quilt is predominantly green and pink, so I'm trying to keep a decent mix with the accent colors, but not have those blocks stand way out. On the other hand, maybe it's just the nature of a sampler. Either way, it's a pretty fun "dilemma" to have!

Block #14

Follow the Leader is a really fun block from Ryan over a I'm Just a Guy Who Quilts. I really love the block, despite having my points off a little bit. Again, I'm concerned with whether it really fits in with the rest of the blocks because of the white background (did I learn from block 13? No.). It came together pretty quickly, so may do one with a busier background. I think I'll just use my extra blocks on the back, or if I end up making three more, I can do a 4x5 layout.

Last week for blocks, coming up! Maybe the big final layout will be revealed then, too!

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