Sunday, January 30, 2011

January Flimsy Finishes

In an unprecedented move, I finished five (FIVE!) flimsies this month. I started two at the very end of December
Dream On Stars

This is the Charming Stars pattern from Moda Bake Shop. It calls for three charm packs and accompanying fabric. I had a layer cake of Dream On by Urban Chiks (love it!), which gave me 168 - 5" charm squares. I did a lot, a lot, a lot of math and calculations and scribbles and who-knows-what and when I went to put it together, I was still convinced that I was short blocks!

In retrospect, I think I should have gone with white as the solid, rather than Snow, as it would have made the stars pop a little more. After a consultation with my layout consultant (thanks, mom!), I decided to go with the rainbow effect.  There are two mistakes - one is that I had to make a square from scraps, so one blue square is really two rectangles and the green block, second from the left is actually half yellow. But that's how the colors shook out. The backing is a smal yellow flower on white print from the Soiree line.

Here's my Verna Floral Bouquet. Kate Spain is a genius.

Floral Bouquet

The solid is Snow and I think that worked really well with the softer white of the fabric. This may be my first quilt on point... I had to do a little ripping and re-sewing on some of the setting triangles, but it came out OK in the end. I ended up not quite following the directions for cutting the solids because I thought there was a way to consolidate some of the cuts and have left overs. Lots of calculations, tho. Some of them wrong :) I think this finishes at 60"x88" or somewhere in there. The backing fabric is a lovely Jennifer Paganelli magenta print.

More Kate. Wonky 9-patch with a Central Park layer cake. I'm having trouble getting good photos of the quilts. A lot has to do with lighting and a lot has to do with the photographer (guilty!).

Central Park 9-patch

9-patch detail

This is the backing - I used the six left over layer cake pieces to make sure the backing was wide enough. The dot fabric is from Prints Charming and it is so amazingly soft!

Backing for Central Park quilt

Disappearing 9-Patch (it's like I have a thing for 9-Patches, but I really don't).

Modern Disappearing 9-patch

And two bad pictures of my Sugar Pop quilt. I'm still working out the kinks of how sharp my photos should be for posting. The real quilt is not quite as high intensity as the picture below shows. The colors are probably closer to the bottom photo, but in both the red block in the bottom right looks really harsh and it's actually a little more muted.

Sugar pop quilt2

Sugar Pop quilt top Jan '11

So - that's what you get from three layer cakes, two charm packs, a jelly roll and assorted solids!

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You use some beautiful fabrics for some beautiful quilts! It has been a joy visiting.