Monday, June 27, 2011


Tiffany chose a print from Lauren and Jessi Jung's Hideaway. I didn't take a photo of mine before I started fussy-cutting, so here is one from Seamstar Handmade:

Lauren & Jessi Jung Hideaway

This print clearly calls out for fussy cutting, though I don't have a ton of experience with it! Tiffany wanted 12.5" blocks based on a 9-patch grid that weren't too busy. Perfect, I thought, I'll just take a look at my Block-a-Palooza blocks. There are a number of block patterns from that QA that I really liked, but I didn't find one that fit the simple style that she was looking for. So I googled around and settled on versions of Antique Tiles and Star Cross. Star cross is reminiscent of Block 12 from Block-a-Palooza, which is one that I initially picked out. (I initially also chose Block 3, but decided that the house print lent itself better to the other designs.)

June Twitter B block 1
Antique Tile
June TwitterB block #2
Star Cross
The yellow block includes Kona Sunflower and Buttercup (the lighter yellow) and a bit of Parisville. The blue/green block is a Leannika print and a Basic Grey Grunge fabric from the Blush line, not sure of the name.

How is the TwitterB going, 4 months in? I'm really enjoying it so far. Kind of like the Block-a-Palooza. It's fun to just focus on a couple blocks and not think about a whole quilt's worth and new blocks each month keeps it interesting. We were supposed to make one block per person, but most of us are making two or more depending on block size. I can't wait to see all of the blocks together. I believe we had one member drop out, but I think she was at the end of the cycle. I'm September, so it's not quite time for me to start thinking about my own block, yet...

Can't wait for the July blocks!

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BaileyGirl5 said...

Great blocks! This is my first (and only) bee and I'm enjoying it too. I love the idea that I'll have a quilt made with blocks from quilters all over the country. Pretty cool! When I'm working on my blocks I wonder where they will end up someday. My month is August so it's given me a great excuse to scour fabric sites and check out blocks! Happy Sewing :)