Monday, June 27, 2011

Another Bag and a Dress Rehab

Birdie Sling 2

Here's my canvas Birdie Sling that I finished up last week. I think that it looks beachier than the pink/brown one, but whatever my friend wants - that's what she gets! Who gets this one? Not sure. It may make its way out to the Eastern Shore in MD.

Birdie Sling 2 interior
Birdie Sling 2
In all its huge-ness!
If you can believe it, I can't remember what I did interfacing-wise on this bag! I think that it's possible that I didn't interface the canvas at all... Oh, I remember. I used medium-weight sew-in interfacing because I accidentally bought that instead of fusible. And I think I used lightweight woven fusible on the lining, instead of fleece. But that's a bit hazy. Great recap, huh?! Oh well. Memory is the first thing to go. Or is it eyesight...?

I also stopped by Old Navy on Friday to grab some $2 tank tops (my summer wardrobe staple) and I ended up grabbing a couple other things, as well (falling prey, no doubt, to their nefarious marketing ploy). I found this XXL dress with a broken zipper for $3.20. And I thought to myself - "self, you should make that into a cute skirt."

Old Navy dress to skirt refashion

And so I did.

Old Navy dress to skirt refashion

Can't find yardage at that price and it was fully lined with a soft cotton! I think the straps crossed in the back, so the photo above doesn't show just how much fabric there was. There was a small shirred panel at the back, as well. I based it on Anna's skirt tutorial. Even with the double fabric (lining and main) for the waistband, I decided to use the interfacing as well and it lends a little more structure. I really like!

I also pulled out my Block-a-palooza blocks to give them another chance. I starched them and ironed the heck out of them (they were a bit crumpled and rumpled after my first sad attempt at finishing the quilt). And now I'm giving them the good ole Type B treatment. That's right - I'm sashing them in two different colors. Why? Because I didn't have enough grunge fabric in either color to sash it all and I had already linked together two sets of four and I didn't want to do any more seam ripping. Classic.

Finishing up July TwitterB blocks today!


Lois Arnold said...

I love the bags you've made! I'm not sure which is my favorite -- too hard to choose.

Tina said...

The dress-turned-skirt is genius! Love it.