Tuesday, May 15, 2012


When my soon-to-be-10 year old nephew was younger, he used to say the cutest things.  Like "thrisbee" instead of frisbee or "suri-up" instead of syrup. And he also said, "fly swapper" which I thought was hilarious.

Anyway, I've been a swappin' fool lately (a different kind of "swapper"!). I have been able to re-home some of the fabric from my stash and swap it out for some new-to-me fabric.

A couple months ago I swapped with Dorte and she sent me some cute prints all the way from Denmark.

 Awesome Swap with Dorte/NotYetTheDodo

I love those squirrels in squirrels - orange and brown are so retro. Penguins, mushrooms, apples - what's not to love?!
Plus, it's international - Fun stamps!

Awesome Swap with Dorte/NotYetTheDodo

I had a great swap with Lee and I have another one underway right now. Lee took my Modern Workshop fats and my Jennifer Paganelli halves off of my hands.  And sent me a wonderful assortment (butterfly lace!!!).  Can't wait to see what she sends me next!

Awesome Swap with Lee/Mimi Lee 2

Susan is lucky enough to work at a quilt shop and she was able to get me some of this Hometown canvas that I'm hoping to turn into tote bags in the near future.  She also sent along that cute key fob, too!

Awesome Swap with Susan/Chickenfoot

Lee, a different Lee this time, and I exchanged Tula treasures. I sent her 5 precious Flutterby fat eights and she sent me a wonderful, stupendous, tremendous assortment (blue squirrels!!!) of Full Moon Forest and Neptune.

Awesome Swap with leecreates

Amanda sent me some of her precious Neptune stash and I sent her some of my precious text stash (Annie's Seed Catalog - eep!). Fantastic swap and she even sent me a bonus chevron FQ! How did she know I wanted some of that (hmm... maybe it's in my profile...).

Awesome Swap with a crafty fox

As you may have noticed, I am trying to rebuild my Neptune empire, so I have been a-swappin' and a-tradin' my way to a set. Actually, I'm not even trying to get a full set. Just enough so I can make something, either in conjunction with my other Tula prints or on their own. I'm getting there and Jenn helped me to get just a little further! She had quite a destash recently and these five came to live with me!

Awesome Swap with sixtwentyseventh/Jenn

[Maura is sending me another little piece in the dark blue [deep sea] colorway!] I'm enjoying the thrill of the hunt and having fun indulging in fabric collecting with other like-minded folks. Most of my friends are of the non-crafty persuasion and don't know Heather Bailey from Heather Ross! That might be a good thing, though, right? :) 

So, not a lot of sewing, just swapping and fabric-admiring. There's a lot going on in my life at the moment and I haven't felt very inspired to create, but hopefully I'll get it back soon. Until then, I just have fabric posts. More Tula, up next!

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