Friday, September 16, 2011

WI Quilt Expo, Part 2

More Quilt Expo eye candy!

Mysore Saree, Linda Henderson, Salem(?), OH. Made with silks bought in India.

The detail work is amazing!

Even peacocks embroidered in the corner.

Asantewaa Warrior Woman, by Joan Coats, Omro, WI. Hand appliqued, machine-quilted, based on a female warrior from Ghana. The texture is amazing.

The quilt had other beads and embellishments and I love the faces she included in the quilting.

City Bank, Michele Szymaszek, Necedah, WI. A great interpretation of Cherry House's pattern. I love the bubble quilting.

Life is Just a Bowl Full of Cherries, by Rita Van Dyk, Dodgeville, WI. I am usually not too into 30's and 40's reproduction fabrics, but I just love this one. You can never say never! I certainly don't think I have the patience for that much applique, but it's amazing. Hand-pieced.

This was a wedding quilt for the quilter's daughter. It has signatures on the back.

Tree of Life, by Sharon Evans, Bartlett, IL. How great are these colors?! They are hand-dyes, which definitely give the windows a glow. Frank Lloyd Wright is a fixture here in WI, so I'm sure many identified it right away. One of my favorites.

Sailor's Delight, by Susan Liimatta, Stoughton, WI. This one was inspired by Rothko's paintings. THe quilting was lovely in person.

A Star is Born, by Kent Williams, Madison, WI. This quilt was inspired by the blending of the 13 colonies that became the 50 states. Tiny, thin pieces in this one.

8-Bit Mega Man: Mega Awesome, Lynn DeRolf, Madison, WI. This one was for the quilter's husband, the pixels are 3/4" blocks. My husband identified it right away.

Bubbly Blonde, by Laurie Ceesay, Menoninee, MI. Inspired by 1960's blonds like Twiggy.

Identity Thief, by Connie Warshall, Harshaw, WI. 500 clothing labels illustrating how our identity can be stolen by commercial consumption and brand-names.

Three by Four, by Mary Kay Price, Lake Oswego, OR. Hand-dyes.

The quilter wanted to see how her machine and hand-quilting could work together. I'd say, it worked great!

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