Friday, September 30, 2011

Fabric's Siren Call

Half yard assortment

I'm in Minnesota, working and making the family rounds, so there hasn't been too much sewing/blogging time. But there's always fabric-buying time (how is it possible?!). I think my manic blog reading enables facilitates my fabric-buying habits and the internet is open 24/7!

I had to purchase some backing yardage, which I often get at for the stellar prices and I couldn't resist the Westminster/Free Spirit assortment above. They don't always have them available, so I jumped at the chance.

You get 15 half yard pieces of surprise fabric for $29.95 OR if you have a 15% off discount code (there's always one floating around) about $25.50. 7.5 yards of fabric for $25.50! It's a great stash builder! (Add enough to bring your total to $35 and you get free shipping!) Since it's Westminster/Free Spirit, I knew that the fabric would be to my liking and I wasn't disappointed!

A little Jennifer Paganelli

Jennifer Paganelli 1/2 yards

Chocolate lollipop

Some new-to-me, but really funky Jane Sassaman fabrics

Jane Sasseman 1/2 yards

And more! (Is it sad that I can identify a lot of these fabrics by sight? I blame the aforementioned blog reading...)

I also got my once in a million years haircut (I know, I know - I just can't be bothered to do it - a ponytail is my free and easy best friend! That sounds bad...) and the salon just happened to be right up the strip mall from my mom's LQS, Quilt Cove, so I stopped in. I rarely stop in LQSs because I'm such an internet/bargain shopper but I was rewarded with a 10 FQ bundle of Dream On!

Dream on FQs

Since making this quilt

Dream On Charming Stars

I've been wishing I had more from that line. I'm thinking of doing a traditional, vintage-y postage stamp or nine patch with my FQs. It would make a pretty sweet baby quilt.

Well, I'm off this afternoon for girls' weekend at a friend's cabin. Internet and sewing-free weekend! And it's Homecoming in Madison - Go Badgers!!

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Tiff Blakey said...

Oh you tempt me! I had to go to and order a bundle too!