Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Type B Goes Type A...

Faraway quilt

... but in a Type B way :) Remember this post? Well, this is the result. Tadah! I present the Faraway Quilt (remember - the farther away you are, the better it looks!). I guess I was more committed to the original squares in squares layout than I initially thought. Enough time had passed (3 years!) that I was ready to face it again and set it right (well, within reasonable boundaries!).

I ended up taking apart all nine strips (of 12 blocks each). Sooooo much seam ripping. I trimmed the blocks down to 6" using the center strip as a guide. It is pretty amazing how poor the sewing is. The blocks were probably supposed to be 6.5" square, but a goodly number were definitely non-square rectangles and some were other geometric shapes! I certainly wasn't going to go back and re-sew all of the seams. But this seemed like an approach I could live with. It is 62"x62" or thereabouts. I didn't originally plan on a border, but I wanted to make sure it was a little bigger. (They really aren't wavy, it's just that my design wall curls in at the sides.)

Some of the blocks and points came together pretty well:

Faraway detail 3

Because of the strip tube method (is that what it's called?), all of the sides are on the bias and I think that gave me a bit of trouble the first time 'round. I did use a little spray starch when I was trimming and that helped a bit.

Faraway detail 1

Others - not so well:

Faraway detail 2

But truth be told, I'm not bummed about it. I'm thrilled to have a 3 year old UFO off my plate and ready to be quilted so I can enjoy it (or someone else can!). I love the layout and I'm happy that I only had to compromise on a few unmatching points. Super fun working with this fabric again. So much fun that I cut into my Prince Charming last night! (All Tula, all the time!)

Prince Charming WIP

This is my backing fabric for the Faraway Quilt. It's Joel Dewberry, I think it's from Chestnut Hill. I bought it so long ago that it's hard to remember, but I think it goes well with the Neptune.

Neptune Backing

I'll be heading off to Minnesota for two whole weeks on Friday. I'm trying to finish up prep on some of my October Surprises so I can take advantage of my mom's Juki while I'm there. After quilting my Project Modern challenge (and breaking my walking foot in the process), I just don't think my little machine is up for quilting.

I'm whipping up a short and sweet project and I hope to share later this week and I've been selecting fabric for another surprise project. I feel so productive! I usually sew at my own pace (i.e., willy nilly), so sewing for a particular purpose/date is kinda of new to me. But it helps keep me on task :)


JustPam said...

I really like this quilt. I'm glad you finished it.

jenni said...

holy cow that's awesome!