Saturday, March 5, 2011

Quilt-o-Rama 2011, part 2

Avignon detail

While I was home, I was able to get together with some friends and family. Tuesday, my girlfriends graciously agreed to meet at the 5-8 Club in Minneapolis, home of the Juicy Lucy (well, there's a debate between the 5-8 and Matt's as to which one is actually the home of the Juicy Lucy - a hamburger with cheese inside the hamburger), because of its proximity to Ikea. As a non-hamburger eater, I rocked the walleye basket, which included 20lbs of jojo potatoes (that's what it seemed like!) - delish!

You recall this fabric? Well, I wanted to stop and get the other patterns in the line. And, as luck would have it, it was on Ikea's version of clearance (aka Last Chance). So, for $5.99 you get over 3 yards of cute, soft kid fabric. Unfortunately, they didn't have the blue and red fabrics, but at least I got the other two.

Ikea Fabler fabric

Ikea Fabler fabric

Here is the first fabric I bought last month, above one of the fabrics I bought this past week.
Ikea Fabler fabric

The motifs in the new fabric are a little larger.
Ikea Fabler fabric

Ikea, is the den of temptation, of course. So I came home with more than just the fabric I had intended to buy. While I was there, I also found these fabrics from a great new home dec line called Susanna:

Ikea home dec Susanna
Ikea home dec Susanna
Like my sock monkey slippers? Yes, the right foot is one-eyed...

So cute, right? They are 100% cotton and feel like canvas. My cousin has made some cute tote bags out of this weight of fabric. I will probably make these into more cushions.

My sister wants me to make her some cushions, but bigger. (My nephew loved his, by the way! He kept laying on them and carrying them around - perfect for a 19 month old!) I was trying to think of what to put in them to give them more density, instead of fiber fill because I want to make them into foot stools. I was thinking about using whatever they put into a bean bag chair or maybe packing peanuts? Not sure where you get that kind of thing, though. But Google knows - Google always knows.

Finally, although I didn't do anything with my grey/yellow fabrics, I did come up with the design I want to do. I decided to save the lattice quilt for another time. I'm going to try some improv/wonky columns. I'm not going to do that curvy piece on the right, that was just a doodle. We'll see what happens!

Yellow/grey quilt design

I also came up with an idea for my Fandango scrap bags.
Fandago pieces

Yes, I purchased scraps. I have a serious fabric problem. And I really wanted some Fandango and the great Burgundy Buttons had them on crazy sale and they actually list which bags they have - just a little hint there if you have the same fabric problem that I have! :)

More on these two quilts as they move forward.

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