Monday, March 21, 2011

Block-a-Palooza, Blocks #15 and 16 (and Miscellany)

We're nearing the finish line!  And what do I have for you - a blurry photo (and the crowd goes wild!!).

Block #15

Kerri at lovely little handmades brings us Block #15. Great design, poor execution and even poorer photography :) This is the only block that seems to deviate from the overarching 9-patch/flying geese motif. The effect is supposed to be a double pinwheel - the center one radiates out into a larger pinwheel. Unfortunately my fabric choices don't really accentuate the larger pinwheel. Oh well, moving on!

Block #16

Last block (Mary Catherine Gallagher style)! Vanessa at V and Co brings us Pinwheel Parade, Block #16. I thought about this as a companion piece to Block 14 with the geese and the white background. It turned out great, except (there's always an "except") my pinwheels aren't all blowing the same direction. Let's chalk it up to a "design choice" shall we?  I pressed the seams open for these but I am still not sure how one properly manages the bulk issues at the center point. (Also, not all of my points meet in the middle - que sera, sera.) I have to say - I am not a huge pinwheel fan. Supposedly they are on-trend right now and maybe I'll come around. They're kinda cute, but they aren't my fave. Just a personal preference.

Blocks 1-16 mosaic

Tadah! Here they are! Even with the somewhat crappy photography on some of these, the standouts for me are still Block 5 (I think I commented on almost every participant's Block 5) Block 6, Block 9, and Block 11. And Block 14. And... OK, I do like most of them. How many will I do again, ah there's the rub.

We are all anxiously awaiting Julie's instructions as to layout. John posted a photo of the final layout which includes all of the original blocks from each of the participating bloggers:

Final Block-a-palooza Layout

The focus fabric for this quilt along has been Moda's Sunkissed by Sweetwater. Of course, we have been invited to do use whatever works for the fabrics we've chosen, so I am definitely not going to do the floral applique in the center, but I'm percolatin' some ideas... The end is in sight. Must. Stay. Motivated.

Speaking of Sunkissed - I received my Block-a-Palooza prize in the mail! Thanks, John! I can't wait to find a project for these!

Block-a-Palooza prizeBlock-a-Palooza prize

On a completely different note, I've been ruminating about the post from Sandi over at Piecemeal Quilts entitled The Dumbing Down of Quilting. It's clearly a provocative title and she's doing a follow-up survey, in case anyone is interested in checking it out. It's a general response and critique of a contributor's post on SewMamaSew about current trends. I've been debating whether to post a comment or not. On the one hand, anyone can say whatever they want on their own blog. On the other, it was put forth as a discussion and what kind of discussion can there be when everyone is just nodding in agreement with the original premise. On the mythical third hand, it's really none of my business (actually, maybe that's just the first hand, re-worded...).

In other news - whoever tweets for Robert Kaufman Fabrics (@robertkaufman) tweeted about my grey and yellow blocks! I got such a huge kick out of that!

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