Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Grey Days and Sun Rays

4-patch detail

I finished my grey/yellow flimsy, which I'm calling Grey Days and Sun Rays.

Grey Days and Sun Rays flimsy

It is about 60" square, so just large enough for a couch quilt - my favorite size. The yellows are - buttercup, sunflower, lemon, maize, and banana! My in-house color consultant (and spouse) wants to make sure that he gets credit for choosing to have the yellow as the first ring, instead of the centers (which I had planned originally). I think he was right on.

I am happy to have a finish (well, a flimsy) but I'm not sure if I'm into it, now that I see it. Maybe it will grow on me. I bet I'll love it by the time I get it quilted (whenever that will be!). But like all my un-quilted quilts, I just hope I can eventually pair it with just the right recipient!

On the design wall
I have all my components cut out for my Parisville quilt (pattern here). My color consultant chose Coal over Snow (he's very on-trend for being a non-quilting electrical engineering PhD candidate!) and I think it will look great.

Parisville block components

Here's a mock up of some of the blocks. Jera made hers in Riley Blake's Rainy Days and Mondays, so she aptly calls it "Rainy Days" (and she blogs at Quilting in the Rain AND she lives in Seattle, so it works all around!) Most of these fabrics are from the Parisville Mist colorway, so maybe Misty Days, or Paris in the Mist, or just Parisville quilt! :)

Rainy Days mock up

I finally trimmed my Fandango scrap bag scraps down. They range from 1.5" to 2.5" and are 31" in length. I'm going to add on strips to either side in Kona Bone. I was going to use Snow, but I happened to have some Bone and I think that the slight ivory shade fits in even better with these prints.

Fandango scrap strips

This weekend, I'll be taking up these fabrics:

Pink Pettiskirt fabrics

Not for a quilt, but for a pettiskirt for my girlie girl almost 2-year old niece. Evidently, this is my go-to 2 year old present, as I made one for her older cousin this past November. Here's my color consultant/model showing it off.

Cow pettiskirt

I made this one based on the following tutorials:
And a helpful PDF "booklet" at:

I have a ruffler foot this time around, so I'm interested to see how that changes the process. Either way, it's a bit putzy, but really worth it in the end!

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