Thursday, January 27, 2011

Modern Nine Patch Finished!

Modern Disappearing 9-patch

Here is my disappearing 9-patch, all finished! Well, the top, that is. I'm amassing flimsies. I have a Grace frame that I plan to set up once we move to our final destination. I have a Juki sitting in storage that will go on the frame and then I'll just focus on quilting sandwiches rather than piecing. Of course, I'll still do piecing, but I'll want to get some of my projects in the finished column and off to their new homes! 

This quilt was almost two years in the making and it has really grown on me. I obviously liked the fabric when I purchased it. I initially had planned to make something like this from the tutorial at Snippets of a Quilter. Once I had cut up my nine-patches, I had second thoughts. So it sat in a ziplock baggie for a year and a half. But now that I see it all together, Im back to liking it again :) It's small, maybe 50x60? 

D9P Block 2     D9P Block 1D9P Block 3

This is only the second quilt that I have really made up myself. I have mostly been working off of patterns. So, I haven't had need to name any quilts. I'm just going to go with Modern 9-Patch, since I can't think of anything better! 

What do you think about that yellow/gold paint on the wall? Pretty intense - it's like Kona Corn Yellow. It's in my parents' house in the bedroom that used to belong to my sister. It's not great.

OK - I'm thinking about adding yet another quiltalong! The fantastic Cherri House of Cherry House Quilts is doing a small Kona cotton quiltalong and I'm thinking about joining up!

Cherry House Quilt-Along

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