Monday, June 25, 2012

A Little Organization

Solids organization

I saw on Fabric Donkey the other day that Venezie Designs is going out of business. I wasn't familiar with this online shop and I am not sure the story behind the store closure. But as part of closing, they are offering 50% off of all of their prices. (They are currently on vacation and doing inventory until mid-July.) I picked up about 5.5 yards of fabric - mostly Moda Bella Solids. (I also got a great Michael Miller pink zebra skin that I thought might make a fun binding for my granny squares quilt.)

Solids organization

So, the new additions coupled with the fact that I started to make my granny squares in what I thought was Charcoal, but what actually turned out to be Kona Coal, made me realize I needed to do some organization with my solids.

Julie of Jaybird Quilts did some guest posting on the Robert Kaufman blog - Swatch and Stitch - a while ago and she had a great tip: to label the selvages of your solids with the color. This would have helped me get the right color for my granny squares and I thought maybe some other folks would think it was helpful too!

Solids organization

I usually do this for the colors, but I almost never do it for the neutrals, but I clearly need to. So, that's what I'm doing this afternoon (well, that and the grocery shopping - but let's get our priorities clear!).

Also - I finished my first Ice Cream Dress from the Oliver+s pattern and I am really happy with it! I would love to show it to you... Only, I was sewing the button on in the car on the way to the recipient's birthday party and I neglected to take a photo. I do that all the time :) I have a second one cut out and will try again. My V points were not good, I might omit them this time until I can figure out how to fix that. Also, as usual, I marked my pattern with washable Crayola Markers and lo and behold, when I washed the dress - some of the marks remained. I didn't have time to soak and re-wash, but that's probably what I need to do in the future. And use the yellow marker :)


IrisM said...

Hey there! :)

I’m currently challenging crafty people to share one of their projects to help people "who think they can’t craft"! Go on my blog for mor informations!!

And if you’d like to share a project, it would be GREAT!
It doesn't have to be a new project, it can just be an old one.
It just have to be easy, and cheap:)

Craftily :)


**nicke... said...

oh my! that is a super smart tip! note to self... ;) xo