Friday, February 3, 2012

Hers and His

Dream On quilt detail

Well, I have finally gotten a couple things done.

Remember these guys?

Dream on WIP

Well, here they are in all their basted glory:

Dream On baby quilt

Yes, can you believe it? I even pin-basted! Now I remember how much I hate basting :) My folks have lots of space for basting, so that's one nice thing about staying here. 

The baby has already been born, so I even tried my hand at a little embroidery. (It now occurs to me that I haven't dotted my "i"s...)

Dream On quilt detail

For some reason (probably because it was 11pm), I switched to a double strand halfway through doing the date, so some parts look a little thicker. But I like it, anyway. I might have to figure out how to incorporate it into other quilts. I used a washable Crayola Marker to write on the fabric first and I plan to wash it before I give it to the baby tomorrow.

I didn't piece all of those little blocks. I actually sewed strips together and then cut them down to the block size. So, that accounts for some discrepancies there. But the quilt is busy enough that I don't think it matters too much. It is larger than I normally think about a baby quilt being - about 47x57, which doesn't sound that big, but for an infant it's pretty big. I'll need to remember in the future that 40" square is probably plenty big. I used 10 Dream on FQs and Kona Snow and backed it with a vintage sheet.

Vintage Sheet

I'm torn on how to quilt it. I need it to be done by tomorrow afternoon, so I'm thinking squiggly lines over the horizontal and vertical seams. If I could stipple/meander I would, but I am terrible at it. I tried a few loops on my practice sandwich by they weren't much better. I like straight line quilting, but in a time crunch, I'm not sure I can make it work out. That's how I'll be spending Friday evening!

And here is the baby quilt for a little boy who will be born soon.

Baby Boy Quilt

Notice anything wrong? I showed it to my mom and she said, "oh, I like that, it's cute" and so I set it down and thought nothing of it.  Later, when I looked again. Um... hello! I just gotta switch around that bottom row and it will be ready for basting (spraying all the way!). But I really like it. My dad suggested I leave it like that so that the frogs were looking both directions. But I put the kibosh on that.

I received the green/cream oval fabric in a swap and I really like how it works with the other fabrics and gives the quilt a little punch with all the muted blenders.

I bought a super-soft dark blue minky for the back. I made this quilt for this same friend's first son, two years ago:

Twiggy Tumbler 2010

And backed it with brown minky and no batting, so I thought I'd do something similar for baby number 2.

I can't tell you how much I love those frogs :) A half yard gave me 12 frogs - perfect for this quilt. The frog blocks were 6.5" unfinished, with a 1.5" unfinished border added. The other blocks have a 4.5" center block and 2.5" border.

Baby Boy Quilt detail

So, yes, pretty sexist with my color schemes. What can I say? Actually, I would totally give that frog quilt to a girl. My friend just happens to be having a boy :)

What's next?!

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