Thursday, October 13, 2011


October TwitterB

Belinda designed a modified Bento Box block for her month. This is her overall design:

My Modified Bento Quilt Mock Up

She sent the Kona White and the Anna Maria Horner print above (Summer Totem in Tart) as inspiration for color choices.  On first pass, I didn't really have too many fabrics that I thought would work out. I combed through some scraps from my mom and I was able to come up with 12 unique fabrics to come up with:

October TwitterB October TwitterB

October TwitterB October TwitterB

I had a lot of fun pouring over my choices and putting together the sets of three. Not all the colors are spot on, but I think they definitely fall into the "inspired by" category. Can't wait to see how Belinda's quilt plays out!

October TwitterB


jenni said...

These are awesome. I am so behind on mine! Being sick for a month just totally ruined everything.

PS--I'm obsessed with Amy Butler French Wallpaper fabric in any colorway. I will buy the tiniest scrap of it for 10000000s of dollars and add it to my hoard.

Anonymous said...

Love the design, and you make really good use of the larger scale and boldly colored prints.

Linda said...

Is there a pattern for this that you could share? I love the modified bento box quilt plan.
My email is