Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Charity Stockings and a Fabric Glut

Joel Dewberry's Heirloom

Here are my stockings for the Purple Panda Quilt's stocking drive! They are intended for kids of all ages. I made one with fusible fleece, so I didn't quilt it. The stripy one is lined with batting, so I quilted it in gold and red thread along the diagonal stripes. The third stocking I used some pre-quilted fabric that my mother-in-law gave me for the interior, so I quilted straight lines in gold thread to connect it to the exterior fabric. It's for the boy or girl who likes a little sparkle in their stocking! They are each lined, so there are no exposed seams.

Stocking1 Stocking3 Stocking2 

I will try to get those out in the mail at the end of this week. Lyanna works with foster kids and they usually get brown paper bag stockings, but this year she is collecting handmade cloth ones. She is accepting stockings up until December 1st, so if you have time to stitch one up, I'm sure she would appreciate it!

And now for some blatant consumerism, brought to you by me, of course, and in part, by Hancock's of Paducah.

Heirloom kit pattern

I bought this quilt kit last week. I don't actually plan to make the included quilt pattern, I just wanted to get ahold of the fabric which includes all the prints from...

Heirloom - Sapphire Heirloom - Citrine Heirloom - Ruby

Joel Dewberry's Heirloom! The colors are awesome. (Photos: Sapphire, Citrine, and Ruby colorways.)

Heirloom - Citrine2

I especially love the Citrine colorway. Gorgeous colors. I'm a total orange convert!

The kit consists of the following straight cuts (selvedge to selvedge):18 cuts of 3/8 yard (13.5") each, 18 cuts of 1/3 yard (12") each, 1 cut at 5/8 yards, 1 cut at 7/8 yards, and 1 cut at 1.5 yards. These are the three prints of the larger cuts:

Heirloom border and binding

And what did I tell myself in justification - 'but, it was on sale...' Today, I also received the fabric from to make my friends' diaper bag. Oh, and last week I received these beautiful Konas that I swapped for a jelly roll that had been languishing in my stash. I am loving the swapping! Swapping good - buying, bad.

Konas from Swap

Due to this binge, I am pondering a blog diet or a blog fast (hopefully contributing to a fabric diet/fast)... More thoughts on that later this week.

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