Wednesday, December 22, 2010

WIP Wednesday - Christmas edition*

*This post was previously posted on my personal blog, but I've moved it over here and filed it under WIP Wednesdays, even tho they are finished projects.

Hi and hello there. Here are some projects I've been working on. I follow about 147 blogs (!!), most of them are sewing/quilting blogs, the rest are cooking blogs. So, I have a constant stream of inspiration. But sometimes I find myself so focused on planning projects (and buying fabric....) that I don't actually get any done.

What I learned this Christmas season is that I am going to adopt my mom's philosophy on sewing gifts, which is to not sew on a deadline. Making something for someone on their birthday or before December 1st or before a baby is born can be a lot of pressure and then sometimes the end product gets rushed and the result is not what you'd hoped.

Such was the case with this (actually, this was the best of the three, but still not what I'd hoped):

I made three of these (THREE!!), one for each of my siblings based on this tutorial (sorry for the terrible photos!). Since they are advent calendars, I rushed to get them done by December 1st. I had a great start - started in October - but then other things took my attention and I was scrambling at the end. Given the time and materials that went into them, I was a bit disappointed that I sacrificed quality in the rush to finish (especially on the last one).

I ended up using Mod Podge to glue the numbers on (I know, I know - you're horrified, but I've yet to flex my applique muscles and I couldn't make a stitch nice enough to give it a go.) But, even if the numbers fall off, the pockets should still hold up :) There's a silver lining in every cloud!

I was really happy with this:

A modern tree skirt (inspired by this tutorial) I made for my parents. It was my first time making "improvisational" log cabin blocks (aka "wonky log cabin"). I made a few mistakes/learned a few lessons, but I am pleased with the result.

What do you get for fickle teenagers for Christmas? Yes, nothing says "I love you" like cold hard cash/giftcards. But I made them a little something anyway - this mini makeup roll. This is a great little pattern for using up some scraps and holding your Rudolph marshmallow lip balm!

And because I can't leave well enough alone - giftcard cozies - I know, I know. But creation is a compulsion and fabric is my mode of expression!

Then I tucked it all away in one of these bags:

Type B moment: no topstitching on the Amy Butler one - oopsy daisy!

Finally, I am working on upcycling some of my old wool sweaters that have been shrunk(en?) or become hole-y. I have yet to perfect my mitten technique, but once I do, I think they'll be pretty nice.

No use wasting a nice cashmere sweater! (Well, the black and white one was a thrift store find that I never wore...) And they have soft minkee linings! They are a bit too narrow, even for me and I have pretty small hands. And the thumb is weird. But live and learn, that's what I say.

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