Thursday, December 22, 2011

End of December Countdown!

More Christmas presents

I'm still making drawstring bags. I was able to sew up seven (7!) last night. (I did the cutting on Tuesday evening.) I only have one more, I think. I am waiting for my last order to trickle in (perhaps in today's mail!) to decide which size bag it will require. I love Amazon. I bought 90% of my gifts from them and when I get a package in the mail, it's like opening a present for myself, even though they're presents for other people.

More Christmas bags

I love Laura Gunn's poppy fabric. I had one yard and I already made a bag out of it. I was able to fussy cut this bag as well and that might be the end of it. But I hated to cut it up. I procured a Wii for myself and my husband (we are sooo not early adopters) and so, perfecting my MarioKart racing has kind of taken priority over sewing :) These bags-as-wrapping-paper are really all the sewing I'm doing for the holidays. Ahhh, the Cameo print from Parisville - another great one that calls out for fussy cutting.

More Christmas bags

And I am waaaaay bee-hind (get it?!) on bee blocks for the first time since starting the TwitterB was almost a year ago. I have a couple challenging fabrics to work with and I'm quite undecided as to how to approach them.

TwitterB November

November's fabric is this Amy Butler print from the Soul Blossoms line. The mint green is throwing me for a loop and I've sort of latched on to the orange/pink facets, as I'm auditioning fabric (although I am thinking about using some of that left over Cameo print from above, as it seems to go with it).

TwitterB-November audition

This butterfly print is the December focus fabric. It also has metallic thread... The December quilter picked Oh Fransson's Scrappy Hedgerow. I am thinking the best way to use this is to fussy cut a butterfly for the center since a 1.5" strip sort of chop up the motifs... We'll see. I have to focus on November first.

TwitterB December

Hopefully these will go out early in the new year. We had one member drop out, so I believe January will be the last month. I am not sure I received all my blocks, but I am going to try to get them together in a top by the end of January, so whatever I have is going in. I have one block that I'm still trying to decide whether to leave out or to unpick and re-sew...

Anyhoo - Happy Holidays to everyone. Enjoy this time with family and friends. New posts in the new year (unless I get those bee blocks done before Jan 1 :))!

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very cool bags! great choice of fabrics!