Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Bounty of Fabric

Jennifer Paganelli Honey Child

Here are the Jennifer Paganelli fat quarters of Honey Child that I won from a giveaway sponsored by Swell Cloth on the Gen X Quilters blog.

Jennifer Paganelli Honey Child

Aren't they lovely?!

I also won some Prince Charming from a giveaway at the Miss Print blog, sponsored by the Fat Quarter Shop on June 16th. I waited and waited. I love, love, love Tula's Neptune (and Parisville, my quilt here) and Tula Pink (whose name I just learned is actually Jennifer) mentioned in an interview that the colors of Prince charming are sort of a reinterpretation of Neptune.

I have ordered from FQS many times and the service is awesome and the shipping speedy. So, I had to decide what to do. Should I contact Kaye at the blog or the shop? Or should I just continue to wait? It was a giveaway, after all. A completely gratuitous, free set of fat quarters. I certainly wasn't entitled to them.

But, my desire to get my hands on some Prince Charming took over and I decided to contact FQS on Thursday afternoon, got a reply email right away Thursday night and on Saturday morning...

**Laaaaaaaaaa **(angel choir)

Prince Charming FQs

That is some amazing customer service over there. This set includes 12 of Tula's fabric in the Honey and Olive color stories and three coordinating solids.  Would you like this pack? You can find yours here: Tula Pink's Designer Select Fat Quarter Bundle.

Speaking of great customer service, I recently learned about Michael Miller's mirror ball dot fabric, which is out of print now. There is even a Flickr group from last year that is dedicated to trying to get it reprinted. I wrote to Michael Miller to see if they were considering issuing it again. Not ten minutes later, I had an email from Michael Steiner himself (the Michael in Michael Miller) explaining that they don't plan on reprinting it at this time but they may consider it in the future. Pretty awesome, huh?! (Speaking of Michael Miller, cannot wait for Going Coastal!)

I found a shop that still had some yardage in Clay for an awesome price ($4+ shipping). I bought a yard. It is lovely, but it's a bit peachier than I had anticipated (kinda hard to get an accurate photo with the iridescent dots). Still, I'm thinking about another highbrow hobo, maybe. Not sure.

Highbrow Hobo2
Some people might iron their fabric before posting it. Not me, though :)

So, I have had really great giveaway luck this year (kicking it off with the Block-a-Palooza Sunkissed layer cake I won from Quilt Dad). I haven't quite figured out a good pay-it-forward aspect of this cosmic good luck that's in keeping with the size of my blog (not sure I'm prepared for the traffic a fabric giveaway might inflict on my tiny blog...). Maybe a charity quilt or something.

One giveaway win I'm a bit unsure about is the biggest one - the MBS Progressive Dinner grand prize. I didn't actually receive the whole prize, but I did receive a set of 32 FQs and the book and I am certainly not complaining. I am very grateful. But I am embarrassed to admit that I'm enough of a fabriholic to send an email to Moda asking if shipping had gone awry. (*ducking head, sheepishly*). I haven't heard back, it was worth a shot, though, right?!

In other fabric news, I am in a present-making frenzy. I have four birthday and a belated Father's Day presents to crank out by Saturday. Here are the awesome fabrics I'm working with:

July project fabrics

I ordered the following fabrics from Hawthorne Threads:

Victoria and Albert reproductions

These are Victoria and Albert Museum reproduction prints (and they were on sale!). I just love these colors and the shapes. Unique. The background is definitely a creamy, light beige - the upper fabric is a bit washed out because it's next to the window. I paired the bottles with Kona Artichoke, which seems to be a decent match.

Totally 80's

I love these Totally 80's prints so much! Kona Cactus seems to be a really good match for them. I've been eyeing the tapes print for so long and finally Hawthorne Threads got it back in stock. It's getting to be a hard one to find. Oh the possibilities!! I am definitely inspired!

Hope you are lucky in creation, inspiration, and fabric giveaways!

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