Monday, April 16, 2012

I Didn't Wanna Do It

Labyrinth Block #1 - My Precious QAL

I didn't wanna do it. You made me love you!

I did it - I cut into my precious text prints. I made my test block/block #1 from prints that I was attached to but not as attached to.

But, I knew I had to bit the bullet and cut into my most precious Annie's Seed Catalog, the Yuwa Je Vous En Prie, and the Pez fabric for block #2.

Labyrinth Block #2 - My Precious QAL

The first cut is the deepest - isn't that what Cat Stevens tells us? But I did it and I'm moving on. So, I am poised to make four more blocks. I decided to take out the pure white fabrics, since the majority are off-white and I'm using Kona Snow as the background. Haven't decided what to use, yet for the sashing blocks. Not sure if I want to throw another color in the mix. But I don't have to decide for a while, anyway.

The goal of this quilt along is to use the fabric we've been hoarding, rather than just keeping it hidden away and bringing it out to pet and ogle. But it's tough. I still have several bundles (two words: Tula Pink), that I can't cut into yet. I know I will be happy to have the fabric in usable form but it's still hard to commit to a pattern and make that first cut.

Lots of posts this week! Back to sewing a lot - good times!

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Gail said...

This is so cool! Fabulous fabric!